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About Me

Hi there!
Welcome to Foy & Co!

My name is Andrew Foy! Here’s some of the important stuff about me and Foy & Co!

Firstly, me!
• I’m lucky enough to manage and own Foy & Co! •
• I have been shooting photos for 8 years •
• I’ve been using photoshop for 13 years •
• I see the world a little different to the average person • I love adventures •
• I own a beagle named Louie (ps he’s super cute!) • I have the best job in the world! •

Now! About Foy & Co!!
• We are based in Brisbane, Australia • But love to travel anywhere in the world! •
• We are pro wedding photographers • WE LOVE WEDDINGS! • And love natural light! •
• There are 3 main photographers here at Foy & Co – James, Chris and myself! •
• We have shot hundreds of weddings all over Australia •

But most importantly we want to make your wedding the most memorable day you ever have! We will be there each step of the way for anything you need. Whether it’s helping carry your dress, grabbing some extra wine for the celebrations or getting some tissues for mum when she see’s you in your dress for the first time. We treat you like family which is why we find we make such a great connection with each of our clients.  Having the creative freedom to work our magic with each of my clients is a real privilege and we’re forever grateful of being able to work along side some amazing people.

Pricing and packages details can also be found via the pricing tab. Any other questions please don’t hesitate to contact me at –

Hope to hear from you soon!
Andrew Foy